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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sarah's first day of school ...

Sarah was so excited to pack her bookbag and begin school. Here she is ready to go! She was able to meet her teacher back in November, and is so excited about seeing her again. And, she even is begging to ride the bus, telling me "Mom you don't need to pick me up!" Her bus ride is about 45 minutes, and she loves it. You should see her in the mornings when she gets on ... she goes straight to her seat, with her new friend, and they begin talking, talking, talking before the bus can ever take off! Thank you to Auntie Hannah, one of the teachers who ride with the children, and Uncle Melly, her busdriver, for taking good care of our little girl!!!!

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  1. Miss Sarah, What a big girl you are! Your friends Tara & Kara are so proud of you. We are glad that you love school so much! You will learn so many things and Kara is especially happy that you like riding the "big chunk of cheese" (that's what my New Salem kids call it) and we know your mom & dad
    are happy that you have friends looking out for you! Way to go!!! Love ya! Tara & Kara