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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June: Pastor Mandla Sigwane and Phuzumoya Baptist Church

Beginning this month, we will be featuring some of our churches here in Swaziland, and their pastors. Our prayer is that this will increase and strengthen their prayer support, AND at the same time give you "eyes" to see who they are and an avenue to pray specifically for them as a church.

We are asking each of our pastors to share their story, along with their vision for their church and community, and specific prayer requests. Our plan is to feature a different church each month.

Church Name: Phuzumoya Baptist Church
Location: Phuzumoya, Swaziland
Pastor’s Name: Mandla Sigwane
Pastor’s Testimony:
Pastor Sigwane grew up in Manzini as a “street kid”. This led him into what appeared would be a life of crime. After being convicted of robbery and serving his sentence in a Swazi prison he accepted Jesus as his Savior and has never been the same since. Pastor Sigwane became the pastor of Phuzumoya Baptist Church and has mentored many young men and helps them to grow in becoming passionate about God’s word and their desire to see others accept Christ as their personal Savior as well. During the past several years this passion has led to the start of five other churches.

Currently this church hosts a school for orphaned children and also provides daily food preparation for them, and the teaching of life skills. They have also formed a mission team, comprised of members from other churches in this region as well. Pastor Sigwane has a passionate desire to reach people for Christ, mentor future leaders, meet physical needs of the surrounding communities, and start other Baptist Churches so that the pure word of God is carried throughout this land.

If you would like to pray for Pastor Sigwane and Phuzumoya Baptist Church, here are some of their specific prayer requests.

Please pray for:

-The many orphans and HIV/AIDS children that they support each day.
-Additional support in the mentoring of church leadership.
-Travel expenses as this is a mission-minded church and they constantly go out in faith even when they do not have the financial means of returning to their homes, eating, lodging, and sometimes even reaching their destination.
-For their encouragement as they trust that God will continue to meet their needs and strengthen their walk.
-For the many young men that are being mentored at this time, and that they would grow spiritually strong and resilient against Satan.
-For Pastor Sigwane’s family as Satan attempts to divide them and thwart their efforts.
-For renewed strength each day as it is a constant battle just for personal survival.

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