"For my name will be great among the nations, from the rising of the sun to its setting." Malachi 1:11

Monday, July 20, 2009

The gift of friendship, and visits!!!!

We had the privilege to welcome friends from Jo'burg, along with their families, the past two weekends and it has been a huge blessing to our family! God's timing is perfect, and we are so thankful for their love and encouragement.

Stacie and Sarah enjoying a ride in the back

Our new friends, Marie and Ernie Barker ... and Stacie too :)

Campfire at home roasting some yummy marshmallows under the stars

Taking a ride through the Mananga Game Park ... and today we found a giraffe that had returned back home to Mananga! You never know what you will see in Tshaneni!

Our "brother" Blake and Sarah ...

Birthday surprises ...

Matthew made windchimes for Lisa's birthday ... we have bamboo growing in the driveway and he put it to good use!

Birthday flowers from Jessie and Matthew

A YUMMY birthday cake compliments of our friend Ms. Hillary ...
all the way from Piet Retief!

Happy Birthday to Sarah M., Tshepi, Mandy, Nathan, Jessie, Blake, Lisa, Sarah, Matthew and Bert! (I think that covered us all, those candles went out fast!!)

Learning how to cook hobo toast from the world famous chef Blakee Kubwa Crocker, lol!! Thanks for passing on the recipe Blake!!

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