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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Warren Family Update - September

Hello prayer partners, friends and family ...

Can you believe it's been ONE month since we landed back in Charlotte .... time is flying! It has been quite a busy month to say the least. We are moved back into our home in New Salem and would like to thank each of you personally for holding us close in your hearts and prayers, to everyone who gave of themselves and their time to help prepare our house for our arrival, and to each of you for all your love, support, and gifts! We just continue to be so overwhelmed by all of your love for our family. A simple "thank you" you just does not say enough what we feel ...

Where we are TODAY, and PRAYER REQUESTS ....

~ There was a delay in moving my parents due to Dad starting his next round of rehab therapy before we could arrive and settle back in. They would like this session to be completed before him moving, so we are waiting to hear back on a specific date, but it looks as if they may be moving in the next 2 weeks (hopefully). Thank you for continuing to remember them in your prayers also!

~ Bert and I are seeking and praying through employment and ministry opportunities, please continue praying for direction and discernment as we have begun "knocking" on doors to see what God has in store.

~ Jessie, Matthew and Sarah are all enrolled back in school. Jessie has began 8th grade, Matthew moved to the Middle School to begin 6th grade, and Sarah is starting out in Kindergarten!! The kids are adjusting well to being back in the States, and are enjoying school, so far (lol!). Jessie just celebrated his 14th birthday yesterday too ... how quickly they grow up!

~ We do have a special prayer request to share concerning Sarah. During her kindergarten assessment her pediatrician noticed that there was a weakness in her right eye. She was referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist, and went for her appointment this past Tuesday. She was prescribed eyeglasses, and will be doing "pirate" patch therapy for 6 hours a day for the next 6 weeks, in hopes of strengthening her right eye. There is no history of this in our family, and her doctor showed some concern as to where this problem may be originating. She has now been scheduled to have a MRI next Friday, September 11th. They have told us it will be at least 3 days before the test results are available to her doctor, and then relayed to us. She is scheduled for a follow-up visit on October 12 in Charlotte as well. Please pray for Sarah as she begins this patch therapy. When we cover her good eye everything is so blurry and she cannot see well at all, which is proving to be very frustrating for her. Please pray for God's will in this situation, and that He will be glorified through it all.

We love you all, and thank you for continuing to remember our family in your prayers as we continue to "settle" back into life here in the States. We will continue to post updates on the family blog too ... we'd love to stay in touch and continue hearing from YOU too !!!!

Please also continue to remember our Swazi Team in your prayers as well, and be sure to check out their blog for updates and prayer requests ... www.swaziprayerbytes.blogspot.com or www.swazimissions.org.

May you all have a beautiful Labor Day weekend!
Serving Him together,

~ The Warren Family ~
bert, lisa, jessie, matthew & sarah

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Bert & Lisa Warren
6612 Pleasant Hill Church Road
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