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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catch up with the kids ...

It's been a while since we shared some of the kids' adventures here in Swaziland, so here are some pictures to catch you up on them ....

During our trip to Jo'burg, Lacie and Sarah enjoyed baking gingerbread cakes at a local restaurant. The restaurants in South Africa usually have a place for the kids to play, or some really neat activity especially for them, so nice!

We had the privilege to go out on a "sun-setter" cruise with the South Roanoke volunteer team in April. Thanks to our friend Hillary for the wonderful evening, and great food! We went out about 4pm, and drove around the lake seeing some wildlife and a beautiful sunset, and starry night! A great time for all!

Matthew learning how to "start" a fire a new way ... mmmm, a great way to grill!

Two little princesses enjoyed their tea party and playing dress up together ... Annya is one of Sarah's best friends from school

Austin, Annya's brother, came to hang out too ... he is in Matthew's class. They enjoyed playing cricket, and video games while the girls had their tea party.

Sarah loves visiting the Swazi market, and always seem to be the one getting all the attention from the vendors ... they love to find outfits and jewelry for her (almost as much as she loves to wear it!)

You are NEVER too big (or too old) to enjoy these :)

Hanging out at the local club playground with Blake, Sarah and Mom & Dad (plus we got to see Hobbs the zebra, and our favorite dog, Russ)

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